MAM, The Higher secondary Mathematics teachers association Malappuram is conducting a special practice examination series for students preparing for their plus one improvement examinations. The Series includes three revision exams for specified chapters followed by a model exam. Question papers for each exam will be uploaded here at 8:00 am on examination days. You can access these papers and solve them at your convenient time. Answer keys will be published on the MAM website at 8:00 pm on the same day.

        MAM believes that these practice exams will help students tremendously in their preparation for the plus one improvement exams. The tests will give them an idea of what areas they need to focus on and they can use the results to guide their revisions.We wishes all the students taking part in this practice exam series a great success and hopes that they will give their best in the actual exams.

The date and chapters for the examinations are as follows,
Examination  01 - 09th September 2023
(Sets, Relations and functions, Trigonometric functions, Complex numbers  and Linear inequalities)
Examination  02 - 14th September 2023
(Permutations and combinations,Binomial theorems, Sequence and series and Stright lines)
Examination  03 - 20th September 2023
(Conic sections, Three dimensional geometry, Limits and derivatives,Statistics and Probability)
 Model exam - 3rd October 2023

Improvement exam - 10th October 2023

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