About Us

About MAM

MAM - Mathematics Association Malappuram, a dynamic and constructive organisation for the overall development of higher secondary Maths teachers and students, started functioning in 2003. It offers training programmes such as refreshment courses and lab training workshops etc for Maths teachers. Moreover it provides online video classes of all chapters based on SCERT syllabus to the higher secondary students.

Initiatives by MAM

In this pandemic period of  Covid 19, the association is pinpointed on the academic activities. The self evaluation tests, the focus point based study materials,  exam orientated  Maths lab video classes, the focus point based  theory classes  etc. prepared by MAM, are whole heartedly accepted both by the teachers and students. 

The focus materials for plus one and plus two students , prepared as a  joined venture by MAM along with Vijayabheri and DIET Malappuram, guarantee  them cent percentage of marks in Mathematics. Unlike the other organisations, MAM is always  busy with  innovative  and constructive  activities.  It stands not only  for  the teachers and students  but also for the  society. That keeps it unique and special.