Plus One - Chapter 6 - Linear Inequalities


Plus One - Chapter 6 - Linear Inequalities

In earlier classes, we have studied equations in one variable and two variables and also solved some statement problems by translating them in the form of equations. Now a natural question arises: ‘Is it always possible to translate a statement problem in the form of an equation? For example, the height of all the students in your class is less than 160 cm. Your classroom can occupy atmost 60 tables or chairs or both. Here we get certain statements involving a sign ‘<’ (less than), ‘>’ (greater than), ‘≤’ (less than or equal) and ≥ (greater than or equal) which are known as inequalities. 

In this Chapter, we will study linear inequalities in one and two variables. The study of inequalities is very useful in solving problems in the field of science, mathematics, statistics, economics, psychology, etc.

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